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Edited 04/03/19

Hello sunshine,

I'm a hustling Houston kid studying New Product Development & Entrepreneurship at UPenn, always looking for ways to make things for others and pay the bills. I design things that people don't ever think need to exist but can't stop thinking about once they see them. Mostly clothing now, but planning on moving to consumer products and inventions soon. The money from this site will go directly towards more innovative, difficult-to-make ideas that this world really needs, and I hope you can tag along in that journey.

But enough of the love-y shit. Modern entrepreneurship schools of thought have insisted we rigorously test our ideas to guarantee enough interest and potential to be worth our time. Ungodly! Things is here to say "Fuck! That." I don't know if y'all want any of this. I don't need to. Because at the end of the day, I'm not doing this because I want that whimsical ideal of "success" or want you to make me ungodly rich; the goal is to create the things no one has seen before, talk to as many strangers as I can, and have the most fun along the way. 

Here's to the 0.01% of the population whose unknown desires haven't been met because they weren't worth anyone's time or haven't even been thought of by the world's greatest makers.

Welcome to the manifestation of my in-class daydreams, nihilist rants at 3am, and a lifetime of adventures and experiences that made me ask "why does ____ have to be this way?"